Lambent Engineering .
Lambent Engineering
Lambent Engineering
Lambent Engineering

Business Fields


  • Transmission Planning Studies
  • Power Evacuation Studies, Sourcing Options & Interconnection Options
  • Route Alignment Survey
  • Tower Spotting
  • Cut Fill Analysis
  • Check Survey
  • Sag Template
  • Plan Profile
  • Hot Curve, Cold Curve


  • System Study and Planning
  • Load Growth Planning , Studies & Projections
  • System Augmentation & Strengthening, Reduction of AT&C Losses
  • Conversion of Overhead Distribution Lines into Underground Cable
  • Design & Engineering services
  • Bid Process Management
  • GIS / GPS Survey
  • Feeder Separation , HVDS and Rural Electrification Project
  • Baseline Audit, Energy Management & Energy Accounting
  • Demand Side Management
  • Detailed Project Report & Engineering Studies for Distribution Projects
  • Project Implementation Support and Project Management Consultancy



  • Preparation of Feasibility Report
  • Design & Engineering Support- BoP & BoQ
  • Technical Specifications & Bid Documentation
  • Evaluations of Bids –Technical & commercial
  • Bid Process Management & Assistance in Award of Work
  • Design Review and Design Management
  • Detailed Illumination Engineering
  • Design Coordination and Management
  • Detailed Engineering & Constructional Drawing



  • Site Assessment, Approach and Accessibility, Available Land, Topography and Soil Condition, Solar Radiation, Power Evacuation and Water Availability.
  • Site Data review and Energy Yield Analysis
  • Technology, Financial Studies and Project Techno Economic Viability
  • Environmental and Social Impact
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Design & Engineering
  • Procurement, Bid Process Management & Vendor Evaluation
  • Project Implementation Support and Quality Assurance at Site
  • Assist in Regulatory and Statutory matters


  • Wind Resource Assessment
  • Evaluation of Techno-economic Offers for Investors
  • Preparation of Feasibility Reports, and DPR
  • Bid Process Management
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Independent Owner Engineers
  • Assist in Regulatory Matters and Financial Advisory for setting up Projects



The company provides following services.

  • Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC)Compliance Projects
  • Green Building Projects, LEED Compliance
  • Agriculture Demand Side Management
  • Municipality Demand Side Management
  • Studies under various Government Schemes
  • DPRs & PFRs, Bid Process Management, Project Management Consultancy


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